Not The Last Of Britain First

The Britain First campaign has staged another demonstration in East London. A small group of activists stood outside a mosque holding banners saying ‘taking our country back’.

Police arrived within minutes. When an officer questioned a protester, she held up a large cross shouting “even the police are against us! This is a Christian country! We’ve got our own people turning on us!”

Passers-by did not appear to be impressed by the protest, and members of Britain First were clearly non-plussed by the lack of support from the local population.

But this is hardly surprising, given the multicultural nature of the surrounding area.

Some activists went on to claim that they were met with hostility and violence from those attending the mosque.

Mindful of a previous occasion when Britain First campaigners entered a mosque and stomped into areas where the wearing of shoes is not allowed, police dispersed the protest within 20 minutes.

No doubt there will be another one along in a minute.

Hanna Gelana