Escapist Fantasy or Connected to Reality – which way forward for our industry?

Do you agree with me that the world outside is not a pretty sight? I’m talking about President Trump primarily, but anywhere you care to look there’s plenty of ugly stuff.

Our ‘interesting times’ are bound to be reflected inside the world of computer games in some shape or form – without post-colonial wars, for example, you couldn’t even have COD.

But do you think that the computer games industry should strive to maintain an autonomous space, dedicated – in spite of it all – to escapist fantasy? Or should we actively engage with the changing world out there, producing great games which also challenge the prejudices of the rich and powerful?

Perhaps the second of these would do even more to relieve the pressures of the day.

Of course we could wait and see what happens. But this may be one of those occasions when it’s better to implement a strategic response. Because if we leave it too long, it just might be a sad case of Game Over.

I’m proposing that the publication I co-edit, Rising East, should be the place for a public conversation addressed to the question, Computer Games: escapist fantasy or response to reality?

The debate needs you to come back on me, either disagreeing with my first thoughts or developing them into a plan of action.

I really think this is a conversation worth having. Please join in and make it happen.