Preventing Further Rises In FGM

Council initiative aims to tackle a growing problem

As the courts currently decide whether to prosecute cosmetic surgeons carrying out ‘designer vagina’ operations, female genital mutation cases (FGM) are reported to have soared in Newham.

In February it was announced that 90 new cases of FGM had been reported in 2015-16. The NHS figures showed that most of the women involved were aged 18-44 when their FGM was reported.

In repsonse, Newham Council has launched the FGM Prevention Service. In the year 2015-2016 the scheme ran 76 professional training sessions with 1500 people including midwives, teachers and nurses.

Cabinet officer for domestic violence Councillor Lakmini Shah said: “We have a zero tolerance approach to FGM. It has a devastating impact on  all those affected by it.

That’s why it is vital that the council, our provider organisations and the excellent FGM Prevention Service can speak to community champions who are working together to tackle the issue head on.”

If you are affected by this issue or concerned that someone is at risk, please email or call 0203 384 9413.



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