Pure Pleasure

Enjoying a fashion fiesta Up West

Pure London is an event which showcases upcoming designs and trends for people in the high-end fashion business, although it’s still a nice day out for anyone who wants to know what’s hot.


This year Pure London took place at Olympia in Kensington three days period from Sunday 12 February. On display were some of the most extravagant designs anticipating themes and styles for summer. Each display told the story of the designers’ work on their chosen theme.

Visiting the event on the third and final day, we enjoyed a seminar programme packed full of delightful treats, such as a womenswear 2017-18 autumn-winter briefing, menswear for over 40s from Grey Fox and a variety of main stage catwalk shows.

Two of these merit a special mention: the Spirit show featured designers such as Glamorous, Daphnea, Wal G, Relax baby be cool, Jack T, Hulahup, Bayside Clothing, Explosion and Kiki Riki. Meanwhile the main stage catwalk hosted designs by Earthhead, Best of Turkish, Emerging Designs, Infusion and Nocturnel. All the designs were immediately available for the retail trade.

Putra (left) Syomirizwa Gupta (right)

We managed to catch up with Malaysian designer Syomirizwa Gupta and his social media manager Putra who gave us a little snippet of what it was like being an exhibitor inside the walls of Olympia. Syomirizwa said: “it’s so exciting being here as it’s our first trip to London”. His Yoko Ono inspired designs had been a great hit in Asia, and he was proud to present his new Holiday floral print designs to Olympia.  He also designs plus size clothing in Malaysia for women in sizes 14-22, so he covers all sizes for all different shaped women.

Overall the event was a major success for everyone, whether it was business related or simply just for leisure. It attracted thousands of visitors who made great connections. We’re definitely looking forward to the Pure London 2018.

Film and Photos by Viktoria Kleidara and Asya Ahmed

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