“Que tragedia” for Fawlty Towers.

Best known as Manuel,

Actor Andrew Sachs has gone, aged 86.

The iconic 1970s waiter,

In all twelve episodes,

With his exaggerated Spanish accent,

Brutally bashed by Basil.

Sometimes not so funny:

In the famous German episode,

Acid burns after a fire stunt,

And headaches after being hit,

With a faulty Fawlty prop.

The perfect comedy waiter,

Has to wait no more.

He was always remembered as Manuel,

Except at the end by he, himself,

Brutally bashed by dementia.

Qué sera, sera?


Adiba Khatun

Adiba Khatun is a freelance journalist with a few unique passions. Making art, playing games and watching some telly, is pretty much everything Adiba does in her free time, as well as a little dabble into YouTube; and being able to tear apart everything about these areas is what she loves to do the most. Reviews, news and features too, Adiba will cover everything she can to do with these artsy subjects to satisfy your journalistic appetite.

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