Raph Ready to Rumble in BUCS

UEL boxer Raphael Aguello will be representing the University in the National BUCS Championships at Staffordshire University on the 2nd- 4th of February in the Elite Welterweight category. Conail Gallagher spoke to the 23 year-old ahead of the big weekend

Welterweight boxer, Raphael Aguello has suffered with niggling injuries in the past but is looking to put that behind him with a gold medal at the BUCS championships this weekend. With a history of damaged hands, it was no surprise when a facial cut in sparring drew frustrations to the Frenchman.

“I was supposed to have a warm up fight with the French university champion but I got a cut during training so it was cancelled.

“It’s not ideal but hopefully I’ll be able to spar a few times before the BUCS depending on whether it heals or not but either way I will be ready.”

With under two weeks left before the tournament, it is essential that Raphael’s final preparations are smooth so that he feels mentally physically and emotionally ready when entering the ring. Not only will he have to box three times if he wants to win the gold medal, but in the elite category, he has to box three minute rounds instead of two, so conditioning is important.

“Other than the injury, preparation is going well, I’m training every day whether it be at Repton or doing my own conditioning, so fitness will not be a problem.”

Repton BC as a club is renown for its strict coaching. So it was no surprise that Raphael’s Coach, Wendell, although confident with his fighter’s ability to win the competition, insists contact training is a no-go for the time being.

“Raph always gives one hundred percent, but there is no need for him to spar right now. All the work is done.”

To view the competition, it will be streamed live by StaffsTV on Youtube for all three days.