Redeem Yourself….In An Alcohol-Free Bar

Here's how to enjoy a night out in Shoreditch without regretting it next day

Shoreditch, praised for its brilliant nightlife, rooftop bars and hipster cocktails, is now home to an exquisite bar that creates a buzzing atmosphere with a surprising twist. It’s alcohol-free. Jaw drops! Yes, that’s right, Redemption Bar is possibly London’s first alcohol-free bar, and it’s fast becoming the place to be seen drinking very responsibly.

With more and more of us jumping on board the health wagon, there may well be a market for on-the-wagon bars.  At Redemption, with a catchy tagline like ‘Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ you are promised a fun-packed evening, filled with healthy recipes and positive vibes, all without feeling fragile the next day – bonus!

Redemption is also described as the best vegan restaurant in London. Founders Catherine Salway, who previously worked at Virgin, and Andrea Waters, an experienced chef and nutritionist, create healthy foods that can tantalise the pickiest of tastebuds. Their wonderful selection of delicious, yet nutritious, dishes, including starters, mains and desserts, and non-alcoholic cocktails makes Redemption the only bar/restaurant in London whose menu has been designed by nutritional therapists.

Andrea Waters said: “My new menu for our first real home is packed with Autumn flavours and nutrients to help you keep things interesting every day.’

Dishes include: stunning quinoa maki rolls – a winning combination of beauty, flavour and nutrients on a platter to share (or not!); and, the newest edition, raw heritage beet ravioli with cashew cheese, watercress and pine nut pesto, yellow pepper coulis and heavenly summer pea shoots.

Redemption takes pride in putting a lot of TLC into the food, using all the latest tools and techniques to make health-enhancing plant foods the stars of the show and not just an after-thought. What’s more, Redemption ensures that no animals are harmed or killed in the creation of its dishes, which are all vegan, confirming that their food is sourced locally, and where possible organically, all with a zero waste strategy!

Redemption, 320 Old Street London EC1V 9DR

T: 020 76130720

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