One of the most beloved music venues south of the river has shut its doors, and people are not happy.

The Montague Arms at 289 Queen’s Rd Peckham has long served as a hotspot for new music, and promoters such as Parallel Lines are now at the forefront of a campaign to save the venue. Stating that: “We have so many fond memories of The Montague Arms and it means so much as a live music venue and community hub,” Parallel Lines have urged everyone to sign a petition.

Despite London Mayor Sadiq Khan‘s promise to protect local venues, it seems it may already be too late for The Montague Arms. This would be a great shame, not only because of the current rise of the South London music scene, but also because of London’s needs for this sort of venue.

As the petition states: “If you think we need more decent venues in London, not less, please make your feelings known to the mysterious and secretive forces behind this depressing closure.”

To sign the petition, click here!