When it comes to finding the perfect Secret Santa present, it’s all too easy to run out of ideas. That cousin you’ve spoken to twice in your whole life, the work colleague you secretly hate, the fellow student who looks down their nose at your roll-ups – thinking of suitable and even funny gifts for such people is one of Christmas’s most challenging aspects.

That’s where #SECRETSANTABABY comes in. The latest addition to the Shoreditch Box Park is a pop-up dedicated to helping you discover the best Secret Santa presents, whatever your budget.

The quirky little shop is brightly lit and filled with colour; orange walls lined with bright green shelving and stuffed to the brim with toys, board games, hilarious cards and gift wrap, books, novelty gifts and Christmas decorations. You’ll recognise it by the twee Christmas tree in the window and the furiously festive playlist pumping out of the shop.

There is something for everyone. For the uncle with a new love of facial hair, there’s a book on Moustaches, Whiskers and Beards for £14.99 (a snip at the price). How about the niece and nephew? #SECRETSANTABABY stocks a fun DIY Board Games Kit. And for your foodie friend, The 30 Best Nutella Recipes in a book shaped like a jar of Nutella. Need we say more?

The pop-up has a sensible answer to that life-threatening question: does Christmas need to cost a fortune? With social media always on the go, and young people posting images of all their presents for everyone to see, #SECRETSANTABABY argues ‘it doesn’t have to be like that! Far better to give thoughtful, funny, even silly presents to your loved ones (and Claire from Accounts) than to spend hundreds of pounds and then spend too much time fretting about it.


Box Park is opening more Christmas-themed outlets this year offering new and alternative ways to celebrate the season in style. The East London shopper is no longer confined to the same four or five high street brands now that markets and pop-up shops are inventing and creating their own exciting brand of Christmas for us to explore.

#SECRETSANTABABY gifts start at just £3 for a Disney Princess PEZ dispenser. However, for those of us who still really enjoy splashing the cash over the festive period, they are also selling a Miffy Lamp for £199. But luckily, it’s not all about the money when it comes to this new pop-up. No matter what you pick up from this vibrant and colourful store, it’ll definitely be Instagram-worthy.

#SECRETSANTABABY is at Box Park Shoreditch until Saturday 24 Dec 2016.