Abel Tesfaye has released his new collection for H&M, and it is amazing.

The Spring Icons collection includes bomber jackets, hoodies, shirts and more, with plenty of XO logos.

This is Tesfaye’s first collaboration with H&M and hopefully there’s more to come.

H&M’s head of menswear design, Andreas Löwenstam said, “Abel’s taste and style perfectly fit the menswear mood of the season at H&M. He has such a great eye for the little details that matter, and for mixing together updated men’s classics for the perfect tailored streetwear look.”

When asked about his new collection The Starboy himself told WWD: “It’s all about pieces that I want to wear. The way that I dress is like a uniform, and it’s pretty much who I am. Whenever I travel around the world, it’s also how I see other men dressing. Streetwear has taken over the world, and in the process it’s started to change and become even more special, more sharp.”

Although the collection is for men, there are a few pieces that are perfect for ladies, such as the grey XO sweatshirt and the XO bomber jackets.

Check out the Spring Icons collection at H&M.com

Watch the Spring Icons film here

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