Stratford’s International Women

In celebration of international women’s day, women gathered at the Stratford campus of the University of East London for a conference led by ElevateHer, a worldwide campaigning organisation.

There were various inspirational speakers on the platform.

Representing voluntary programme Women Empower, Reena Ranger declared that she loved helping people achieve their dreams. Next up was Maithi Rajeskumar from Eaves, a charity which supports vulnerable women.

The third speaker, Kate Graham, is founding director of Ascot Communications, a social creative agency ‘crafting memorable words and creating powerful experiences, live and online, for clients in HR, IT and education.

In different ways, all the speakers advised women to know their own value and not to let discrimination grind them down.

ElevateHer aims to prevent violence against women, as a first step in transforming the social position of women. Farida Ahmed