Stress In The City

Londoners are more anxious than the residents of any other city in the UK, a new report has found.

The Annual Population Survey (APS) found that the average anxiety level of people living in the capital is 0.4 per cent higher than elsewhere.

Conducted by GLA Intelligence, the survey reveals a strong correlation between stress levels and increased hours of work and longer home-work journey time. Londoners cycling to work also had a much higher mean anxiety score than those cycling in the rest of the UK.

As for those taking the bus and working 49+hours per week, their scores rose up six per cent above the average anxiety level in the UK.

London is home to millions of successful people. It is seen as a place of energy and excitement – a city that never stops. The attractions are obvious, but this reports makes you stop and wonder whether it’s worth the stress. Kawther Ayed