The Big Q: 15 Minutes with MP Stephen Timms

The long-standing Labour MP for East Ham discusses local and national issues

This week’s longer edition of The Big Q is with long-standing Labour MP Stephen Timms.

A little over a year after Stephen Timms MP spoke to us about the regeneration of East London, Timms was back to discuss Brexit and local politics.

Open to the idea of a second referendum, Timms told us that “we shouldn’t go into this with our eyes closed” and went on to to say that we should be in a position to decide whether the final divorce bill is “one we really want”.

Timms also called for a change in government on the grounds that the current one has no interest in tackling the housing crisis across the country.

With the national issues out of the way, the interview moved on to some of the local issues that have effected the area, and Mr Timms’s constituency including: the recent banning of the hijab at St Stephen’s School,  the rise in acid attacks, Crossrail, and the upcoming Labour mayoral candidate election.

Thank you to Stephen Timms for being our guest this week.

The Big Q with Liam MacDevitt will be back next week, answering all of the big questions, and even some of the small ones.

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