The Financial Power of Social Media

Social media can be lucrative - if you know how to sell yourself

In today’s society the different social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are providing people with a platform not only to communicate with others but to be creative and innovative. This has led to a rise in businesses being generated solely from these platforms. Youtube channels, blogs and promotions have allowed people to make a living behind their computer screen.

Businesses across the board have jumped on the social media bandwagon in an attempt to make more money. Whether they’re using them for advertising, to build relationships with their customers or for organising events, it’s clear to see the shift big businesses are making towards social media.

I spoke with two university students who are utilising social media to generate their own personal income.

Jasmine McRae, a beauty blogger living in East London, uses her channel to promote products through video and text. Twitter and instagram are then used to promote her blog posts and generate further popularity and readership. Through this business she has secured an array of promotional contracts from companies asking her to review their products.

Liam Macdevitt uses his social media to further his football career. This has generated enough interest to secure him sponsorships from brands that rely on him to promote their products to all of his followers. This means his social media activity is crucial to maintaining his popularity – and the sponsorships which follow.

Sounds straightforward right? Well it doesn’t come without its challenges… Do you think you could do it?

Film produced and edited by Lauren Chancellor