Playing futsal for UEL has included many ups and downs but a few of us would have expected how fortunate we would have got in our run in the South Eastern Conference Cup this season.

It all started in the round of 32 where my team, the 2nd team, had a bye. However, like always we were in force to support our 1st team. Unfortunately in a tight game they were edged out 10-9 by Queen Mary 1st.

Called off

The last 16 saw us drawn against Buckingham New 1st. It was an early start for our three-hour journey to Swindon where the game was to be played. We got to the venue and were informed by the receptionist that our game had been cancelled.

After we finally realised that this man was not joking and the game had actually been called off we decided to make the most of the situation. It was an awesome venue with a bar in the middle with futsal courts, 5-a-side and zorb football pitches. So we made the most of the situation by playing a game between us and having a beer.

We were given a walkover and awarded a place in the quarter-finals. This weekend we actually play for real and face our old nemesis Queen Mary 1st. This is a chance for us not only to book a place in the semi-finals but also to gain revenge for their defeat of our 1st team.

The Journey 

Our team have come a long way this season with Dan Grimes in goal producing some spectacular saves even though he is prone to the occasional kamikaze run up field. Jordan Moule and Alex Da Silva are growing as a defensive partnership.

Stas Troullides has been a versatile player for us this season producing some great performances scoring goals and helping out at the back. New players George Glock and Lewis Green have settled in well, while Baggio Brown has been an important physio for us as well as being amongst the goals.

It has been an honour to be a part of UEL Futsal

We also have two more league games this season against London Metropolitan and then my final game for UEL against the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. This will be a very emotional game for me having been a part of the UEL Futsal Club for three years: it will be sad to see this time come to an end.


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