This is What We Really, REALLY Want!

The first image of The Spice Girls to make it into the public domain since their 2012 Olympics reunion, has the band’s fans speculating about a possible tour!

Cabs carrying the Spice Girls at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. Photo credit:

On Friday 2nd February Victoria Beckham’s Instagram post had Spice Girls fans going crazy. The picture was of Posh Spice and the other band members looking closer than ever. Soon afterwards the other Spice Girls posted the same image along with one that had their former manager Simon Fuller sat in the middle of the all, looking rather pleased to see them together again.

This all excited their fans who re-posted and tagged the pictures to their friends spreading the good news. But what ‘news’ exactly? Well, so far very little has been revealed about what was discussed that day.

The group’s publicist Jo Milloy released a statement on their behalf: “We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching up and reminiscing about the amazing times we have spent together. We are always overwhelmed at how much interest there is across the whole world for The Spice Girls. The time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together.”

Spice Girls performing their final concert in Toronto, Ontario on February 26th, 2008. Photo Credit:,_Ontario.jpg

The fact that Victoria Beckham was the first to post the images on her Instagram account comes as a slight shock, as she is the one who has needed the comeback the least out of the bunch. She’s always denied any rumours of a reunion, claiming she did not have the time because of her fashion empire and family life.

As for Mel B Scary Spice, after a difficult year caused by her unpleasant divorce battle with former husband Stephen Belafonte, any reunion couldn’t come at a better time! Following her divorce she recently was in the headlines for surgically removing the tattoo tribute to her ex-husband which read: ‘Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart.’ Last year she also lost her father.

There had been speculations that the rest of the girls – Geri, Emma and MelC – were planning to create new music under a new name ‘GEM’ but the apparently plans fell through as Geri Hornor (formerly Haliwell) was not happy with the way Mel C (and Victoria) refused to participate in their 20th anniversary celebrations. Geri said in her interview with Red Magazine in October 2017: “I really pushed to get everyone back together. It got to the point where I just had to let it go”. But judging by the positive response of the recent speculations, it seems that all members might be on the same page… at least for now!

The groups individual captions on their Instagram accounts read:

Scary Spice

“These amazing women have helped me become who I am, so to all the girls out there remember…friendship never ends!!!!”

Posh Spice

“Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x #frendshipneverends #girlpower…love u all so much!!! Such a great day!! Thank u Simon! X VB “

Ginger Spice

“Lovely seeing the girls…#girlpower is alive and well.”

Sporty Spice

“as usual, I’m a bit late to the party! Some of you man have seen this photo doing the rounds today #girlpower2018”

Baby Spice

“Great catch up with my girls! #bffs always…the future is looking spicy!”

The group performing “Say You’ll be There” at the McLaren party, in 1997. Photo credit:

If you’re a 90s baby like me, then you’ll also agree with me when I say a Spice Girls tour is what we really, REALLY want! When the spice girls were at the top of their game I was way too young to attend their concerts.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited since the late Michael Jackson announced his ‘This Is It’ London tour in 2009! Although we can’t be sure what lies ahead for ‘Spice World’, I for one will be be impatiently clutching my purse in anticipation of buying a ticket…