Tis The Season To Be Careful

Five ways to stay safe around the festive season

Everyone loves a party at this time of year. ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ after all, but whether it’s a work party or a night out with your friends, safety is paramount. Here are five ways to stay safe when venturing out.

1. Never leave your drink unattended whether that be at the bar or even with a trusted friend. Someone might put something in it. Also, don’t be afraid to stand and watch the bartender pour your drink so you are fully aware of what exactly is being poured into your glass.

2.       Stay close to your friends. Try not to get separated when you are out, especially at night! And avoid traveling home alone, at all costs.

3.       If you are taking a cab home from a party, make sure it is a licensed cab. Do not get in unregistered cars. If you do so, you are at risk, and will find it difficult to track a culprit down if anything happens.

4.       Keep your handbags/man bags close to you, and ideally in front of you rather than by your side. Avoid carrying your bag in your hand, this makes it easier to snatch!

5.       Keep your mobile phone in your pocket or bag and try not to have it out in public whilst waiting for a bus etc. Moped theft is becoming an increasingly popular opportunist crime in London.

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