Titans Aim To Put Snakes in a Pain

Jahin Shamsuddin looking ahead to the Titans' crucial encounter against the Queen Mary Vipers.

UEL Titans in action

After a disappointing defeat against the Essex Blades last week, the UEL Titans now face their attention towards the Queen Mary Vipers.

League Standings 

Queen Mary currently sit second in the league behind Canterbury Christ Church with a win /loss record of 3-1. The Vipers lost their last game 12-6 against Canterbury CC and now they face the UEL Titans at home on Sunday. The Titans are 2-1 for the season, sitting fourth in the table behind Essex on point difference.

Home game Away from Home

Although Queen Mary are the home team, it was originally meant to be a home tie for the Titans but UEL were not able to reserve the East Ham Rugby Club. However, UEL are responsible for the referees and the cost.

Keys to Success

One area the Titans must improve on if they wish to win the game is the defence. Last week, the Blades managed to penetrate the defence continuously, scoring 41 points. The outside contain was not good enough. The squad depth was also a huge issue for the team as they were having to start players on both defence and offence.

The Vipers play with a special run-heavy offensive formation which can run without Wide Receivers. This can be difficult for the Titans to stop; therefore, it is essential that they bring their A game and fix the holes and problems in the defence, which hurt them in the last game.

The game is at Queen Mary Sports Ground, 13:00 kick off