Titans To Face The Thunder

Tensions rise, as a top-of-the-table battle is approaching in local wheelchair basketball. Teri Dormer reports.

London Titans will travel down to Forest Hill Secondary School and arrive at the home of local rivals Lewisham Thunder to compete in what will be a fiery encounter, this weekend. Kicking off at 12:30pm, both teams will be going head to head to claim the top spot of the Division 1 national league. The build-up for this match will be tense but exciting. All players will no doubt be up for a really tough physical game with the potential to go on to win the league at stake.

Confidence, exhilaration and many more mixed emotions are pumping throughout team Titans as the game approaches. With just under a week till match day both teams have had plenty of time to prepare themselves mentally and physically.

A spokesperson the Titans said: ‘The team and I are extremely motivated and determined to play on top form and go on to be placed top of the league. We can’t wait.’

London Titians are feeling confident and self-assured and will be hoping to continue their winning streak.

With few injuries to worry about the Titans will be fielding all their top players for what could be the most important game of the season.

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