Titans Take Stand Against Sentinels

It’s the start of a make or break season for the UEL American Football side, as Seb Liggenstorfer reports

The UEL Titans start their season this Saturday with a friendly game against their long-time rivals the City Sentinels.

It will be their first and only match for a while, because of scheduling by BUCS that has come under fire.

The Titans’ first competitive game isn’t until the end of November. By then other teams will already have played two games. This makes Saturday’s game even more important, as it will be a chance for the players and coaches to see where they stand and what they need to improve.

The fixture against the Sentinels will be the first proper try out for many of the rookie players and for the new Titans Quarterback JP Argyriou. The change at this vital position isn’t the only one. Almost the entire offensive line has had to be replaced and the defensive scheme has been changed from a 4-4 to a 5-3.


City University are not in the same division as the Titans anymore after the BUCS reformed the leagues, so it will be the only meeting between the two teams this year and UEL are still looking for their first win.

The performance and how the rookies will play in the first game will be more important than the result but a win against the Sentinels would be a great way to start the season.