Every year brings with it a host of strange, new beauty trends; and 2017 was no exception. So, let’s look back at five trends from the past 12 months that made us say “wait, what?”.

Feather Eyebrows

We had already gone from thin, penciled in brows to the thick, drawn in “Instagram” brow. On top of that., this year brought us the feather brow, created by Finnish MUA Stella Sironen back in April. Overnight seemingly every second post on Instagram featured a girl parting her eyebrows to resemble a feather. Despite not being the ugliest trend, it is one of the hardest to achieve, as Youtuber Safiya Nygaard discovered in her video “We tried Instagram feather brows”. Despite this one having a fair amount of steam in the beginning, it quickly fell out of style.

Fake Nose Hair

Now, this one really snuck up on everyone. One picture posted by Instagramer Gret_Chen_Chen and it was everywhere, with every beauty blogger and magazine talking about it. This is one of the more abstract trends. The idea is to break away from the societal norm by embracing and even faking hair that we would usually remove. It is certainly a weird one. But, if it works for you, then it works for you, right?

Wavy Eyebrows

If there is one trend that sums up the beauty world in 2017, it is wavy brows. People ran out of ideas when filling in their eyebrows, so began drawing them in with the motion of the ocean. Then wavy eyebrows turned into wavy makeup in general. Wavy lips, wavy eyeliner, wavy everything. It will be interesting to see what shape eyebrows will take on in 2018.

The Silisponge

If there was ever a fad, it was the Silisponge. The original was created by Molly Cosmetics, but dupes began popping up all over the place. For a few months, it seemed every YouTube makeup guru and Instagram model was using one of these breast implant-like tools. It promised to waste less product than other competitive tools, like the beauty blender. And it was a hit, for a short while, until reviews starting flooding in from makeup artists, stating that it wasn’t working too well.

Body Glitter

Glitter. Glitter everywhere. Glitter boobs, glitter bums, glitter buns, glitter braids. It seems that the 1990s favourite has made a comeback. We have come out of the matte era and stepped into the epoch of glitter and dewy makeup. Also, body art has taken a shimmering turn as seen at music festivals such as Coachella.,

So hair here, there and everywhere, finding glitter in all sorts of places, drawing in eyebrows in all sorts of designs, 2017 was the year of making a statement.

I for one, am excited to see what 2018 will bring. But, please let’s make nose hair strictly last year’s thing.

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