Trainer Takeover At Truman’s

Hannah Blacklock feels well-heeled at the Crepe City convention.


Trainer connoisseurs from across the globe recently descended on The Old Truman Brewey for the 13th instalment of Crepe City.

Trainer fanatics Paul Smyth and Ronal Raichura founded Crepe City back in 2009. The first event was held at Notting Hill Arts Club: it had 10 seller stalls and pulled in a crowd of 200.

This year over 2,600 sneakerheads turned out for the one-day event – a unique opportunity to shop, swap, admire and chat with like-minded individuals and fellow trainer worshippers.

Prices on the day can be anywhere from £20 all the way up to £3,500 for the most exclusive, limited edition pairs. Offering a plethora of Jordans, Vintage, Nike SBs, Air Maxes, Adidas and any other brand you desire, Crepe City is the one stop shop for all.

With live DJs soundtracking the day and pop-up salons and stalls offering the latest and greatest in hair, clothing and trainer trends, the buzz gets bigger every time.

Kai, 23, a graphic designer from North London said: ‘I’ve been to every Crepe City for the last four years and each one just gets even better. The vibe here is different from any other convention I’ve been to, everyone shares the same passion and it’s so cool to be able to come together in the same space, right here in London.’

Apart from the obvious sneaker stall selection, this year Crepe City also collaborated with other businesses like Keash Braids, a pop-up hair braiding salon, and Helen Hale, an artist who creates ‘Airwax’ candles.

And now, girls no longer have to feel shoe envy and spend the day looking longingly at trainers which are five sizes too big. Stockists like ‘Small feet big kicks’ are revolutionising the previously male-dominated sneaker scene. They offer a big selection of the freshest trainers in sizes specially made for those of us with little feet.

Hopefully a big impression on the next Crepe City.