The iconic Coca Cola Truck began its nationwide Christmas journey in Spitalifields last week. The truck’s bright lights, festive music and fake snow entertained a long queue of people eager to have their picture taken in front of the famous HGV.

In an exciting new feature, Coca Cola now invites customers to compose their own Christmas message which is written in lights on the side of the truck.

As a brand, Coca Cola is so closely associated with Christmas you’d be forgiven for thinking they invented it. When the Coca Cola truck goes out on the road, it’s a sign that Christmas is really coming. But this year the truck is more than just a road vehicle; it also has a significant presence on social media.

The hashtag #HolidaysAreComing has made over 90 million impressions on Twitter in the last week alone, meaning more and more people are hearing about the truck this year. So far Instagram has over 172,000 images under the #HolidaysAreComing hashtag, proving the company’s brand focus is really paying off.


At Bishop’s Square, Spitlafields, the Coca Cola Elves were there to connect the old road world and the information superhighway. They encouraged the crowds to dance, sing and film the scene on their smartphones. We were prompted to upload videos and images to social media – several times the elves reminded the queue of the right hashtag.

The Coca Cola brand originated in print advertising, kept up with radio, film and TV, and now it understands that social media comprise the new frontier.

“It’s not Christmas until you see the truck!” said 12-year-old Luke, as he waited in line with his mum and his sister to have their picture taken with the elves.

If Luke had been cued up to say this line by Coca Cola’s press office, it could not have been more on message.

Coke’s Christmas trucks first appeared on our TV screens in 1995. In those days, there was no way of knowing where the truck was going and if or when you might bump into it.

Nowadays Coca Cola release tour-date style images on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.The company has added 13 more locations to the list this year, making an effort to hit more cities than ever

Demand is so high that the only recurring complaint seems to be that the truck doesn’t stop anywhere long enough; and the more towns and cities are added to the intinerary, the louder the complaint, e.g. Geina Morgan: hmmm… #HolidaysAreComing as long as you’re willing to miss school in Wales this year #disappointedchildren – @wheezeybouncer

But most of us are still keen to be pictured on the truck – even if we have to make it snappy.

(In the picture below, the author is on the left.)


The full list of dates and locations can be found on Coca Cola’s website