Rising East Sports

UEL will face Brighton on Wednesday the 25th of October at Eastbourne where they will aim to continue their victorious streak.

Victorious start

UEL had a bright start of the season as they beat Queen Mary University 40-45 in a sensational game at Mossbourne Victoria Park.

Despite the win UEL’s coach, Tope knows that the team still have work to do, “We were really good for the first half, it was the best we could have played for our first game. However, things went downhill in the second half as Queen Mary put on a challenging opposition for the Blues, who had to fight to keep the lead.”

The Blues showed a strong understanding of the basketball fundamentals as Tope added, “We had good movement, our shots were falling and we played some good defence.” Encouraging and promising first half for UEL, only threatened by a temporary mental lapse in the last quarters that nearly cost them the big lead.

UEL will be looking to rectify the lack of focus for their matchup with Brighton.


In preparation of the game against Brighton, Coach Tope is clear on what needs to be improved, “Consistency, we have to execute and can’t get distracted if we take a big lead in the game.”

This will certainly be a key factor on Wednesdays game as UEL will have learnt from their mistakes and will be looking to keep hold of a solid lead for all four quarters this time round.


Promising Plan

After a great season last year UEL will be looking to start strong, and to come back to SportsDock for their first home game with a 2-0 record would be very encouraging.

The current level of play is looking good and with Coach Tope’s plan to work on the team’s consistency things are looking up for the squad heading into Wednesday’s clash at Eastbourne at 4pm.




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