UEL Women’s Futsal On the Rise

Rising East Reporter Rober Wheeler takes a closer look at UEL Women's Futsal team.

The team has been boosted by the increasing participation. This has resulted in UEL Futsal claiming their first point in a 2-2 draw at home to St Mary’s.


Coach Trevor Tamatave has been impressed by the new look of the women’s futsal team this year: “I have been excited with coaching the futsal ladies this season, as we have the involvement of the women football players. One of the players, Lauren, has been excellent in recruiting and getting the players to the Thursday evening session.”

“The women football players are very talented and have adapted excellently to futsal. I have found the ladies very open minded with futsal and have adjusted well with futsal training drills,” added Tamatave.


Tamatave added “I have found them easy to coach as they listen and always do what I ask for. The younger girls. Elicia, Nadjma and Kyra have impressed me. They are starting to enjoy Futsal and see it as a great development tool to their football skills. I hope all the ladies keep coming to the weekly futsal sessions as I believe if they keep training then they will be a very good team in a few months. All the ladies have the necessary technique and skills to do very well in futsal. This group of ladies have great potential to do very well.”


With a fixture against Anglia Ruskin on the horizon the coach is  looking forward to the game: “I feel very confident playing against Anglia Ruskin if I have all the ladies available.  I was very impressed with the last session. The ladies were playing good futsal and the movement was very good. We still need to work on our defending but the ladies are still learning. The most important thing is to have a key group of players which we can build and develop around. “

One player, Molly Concepcion, is hoping to make her debut: “This would actually be my first game. So I am pretty nervous but our team is looking decent so we’ll put up a fight for it.”

The game is on Saturday the 19th of November, where the women’s side will look for their first-ever victory.