UEL Domination Seals First Victory

University of East London succeeded in a triumphant 3-0 victory on Wednesday 15th November against University College London men’s 6th (RUMS) at their home ground Queen Elizabeth Park, Teri Dormer reports.

Optimism was in the air as UEL kicked off the game against UCL with confidence. The team looked excited and determined to secure their first win of the season.

With two more substitutes on the bench than their previous game things were looking up for UEL even before they stepped onto the pitch.

UCL’s bottom place position in the Tier 5 – North East London league, meant that UEL had a real possibility of gaining their first win.

“It was a massive game for us, the boys played so well together, we worked as a unit and got the goals we needed.” – Captain Isaac Charles (You can listen to more of this interview below)

Golden Goal Keeper

UEL’s performance throughout the game was very strong; the boys connected well as a team. A moment of panic passed in the 21st minute as UCL received a penalty corner due to a collision of locked sticks.

Goal keeper Grant Shepard made a great save and kicked the ball out but UCL continued to try and score. Never the less defender Tim Li continued to prevent the goal and managed to get the ball out of the semi-circle.

Captain of the team, Isaac Charles scored the first goal of the game in the 30th minute, assisted by Robert Clover, leaving UEL 1-0 up at half-time.

Building Pressure

After the encouraging half time team talk, UEL knew they had what it took to continue scoring and the aim was to keep a clean sheet. Charles spoke to the team about opening and creating more spaces on the field. UEL wanted to build the pressure and make the game intense so they could continue to outplay their rivals.

Keeper, Shepard played outstandingly in the second half when UCL began to step up their game. He single handily saved three consecutive shots.

In the 36th minute following a short corner Josh Gwilliam scored UEL’s second goal.

UEL were attacking with precision and intensity. Impressive midfield passing from, Li, Clover and Charles led to a series of opportunities for the home side.

As the clocked ticked down to the final whistle Robert Wheeler crossed the ball in from the left and scored the final fantastic goal.

It was UEL’s domination from start to finish that handed them their much deserved debut victory. Elliot Taylor walked away with player of the match.

The boys in blue hope to continue their winning streak in the next away match against top of the table University City London Men’s 1 on Wednesday 6th December.