Barriers all the way up the street bore witness to the madness that went down in the early hours of Rough Trade’s Record Store Day celebration. With limited edition releases already on E-bay for obscenely inflated prices, we spoke to a few people who bagged some vinyl bargains about why they came and what they got.

Alex and Stephan

Why did they come?

Just to get a couple of exclusive releases really.

What did they pick up?

Migration, the album, which I’m happy with.

I got The Future Sounds OF London, and Goldie (Inner City Life). Oh also, the Wiley album The Godfather.


Why did she come?

There’s a few records that I saw online that I knew they were gonna sell here at the time. I kinda do it every year, it’s quite a nice experience. I queued for about half an hour, maybe a little less.

What did she pick up?

I got Richard Hell’s Blank Generation, I got Still by Joy Division and The Stooges.

Tom Taylor

Why did he come?

To get some cool records!

What did he pick up?

I got a bunch of completions of Northern Soul. I was looking for the McCartney demos, but sadly, they were gone.


Why did you come?

I wanted to get the Spacemen 3 records that were out, and I didn’t think they were gonna be available in Sweden.

Did you come to London specifically for that?

I came over for Record Store Day, yeah, it’s nice. It’s a vacation so.

What did he get?

The Spacemen 3 Recurring and Primal Scream, their first album, and an old favourite of mine, McCartney, a double album.

Hannah and Paul

Why did they come?

Hannah: I came down with him.

Paul: I came down just to have a browse. I didn’t wanna get up too early this year cause I’ve been doing it every year and there’s nothing I particularly wanted. But I wanted to come down to sample the atmosphere and also, Hannah has not been out for Record Store Day before, so I thought it’d be nice to do this together.

And she bought something, and I didn’t.

What did she pick up?

I bought a Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam Live album, which I didn’t realize was on sale, so I’m very happy.

Daniel and Arely

Why did they come?

Daniel: to see if we could get one of the limited editions.

What did they get?

We didn’t have any luck. We wanted the Glastonbury vinyl, but we didn’t find it. But instead we bought other things that we wanted. Alt-J, and the other one is The XX.