Jealousy in fashion takes different forms. There’s the healthy competitiveness that supermodels have for each other, which fuels them to be better on the catwalk. There’s often a makeup artist that envies another’s contouring skills or a photographer who hates struggling to keep up with someone’s else’s picture quality. But this kind of jealously is often good for business – the fashion business – because it propels professionals to try harder.

Not so beneficial is the jealousy which underlies trolling, i.e. rude and hateful comments about how people look. And this can reach the stage where it is not only unpleasant but also dangerous.

It recently emerged that one of those charged with the fatal stabbing of 24-year-old model Harry Ozoka, was a sometime model himself. Was someone jealous of Ozoka’s growing success – his cover photo for GQ, for example?

In an interview for the tab, model Vilde Gotschalksen explained that the jealousy she faced came from family and friends, especially boyfriends.

“My previous boyfriends have all been jealous of the same thing: me working with Abercrombie models, ” she quipped.

In the wrong circumstances, there’s no limit to who turns green.