‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ at Westfield’s Chocolatory – but make it quick. The design-your-own chocolate pop-up store is only there for a few days more; also, you’ll need to get back to work to recoup the £7 price tag (not so much a break, more like an hour’s work for some of us).

Inside the KitKat Chocolatory

On Wednesday 5 October, Westfield Stratford City welcomed KitKat’s design-your-own pop-up store for a five-week season.

Head-turning, eye-catching pop-up

Visitors are invited to design their own bespoke KitKat in either milk, white or dark chocolate, with up to three toppings selected from a range of delicious options.

An iPad helps you design your bespoke KitKat.

The idea is much the same as the design-your-own-Magnum pop-up which opened in Central London during the summer.

Be warned: your KitKat comes with a 90 minute wait – the setting time required for the ‘creation station’ to mould your eight-finger bar into a jewel among chocolates. And the fee for all this is £7, compared to £1.20 for two, four-finger bars at your local supermarket.

Price too high? Here’s a way to make it pay: order your bespoke KitKat, travel back to work and put another hour on the clock; by that time it’ll be ready for collection and you’ll have earned enough money to come back and pay for it.

Or, if that seems too much of an effort, you could simply purchase the limited edition KitKat bars created by Chef Michael O’Hare, priced at £3.50. However, flavours such as chilli-and-mint and dandelion-and-burdock, are not for the faint-hearted.

Chef Michael O’Hare’s limited edition collection.