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Teshani Nanayakkara

Teshani Nanayakkara

Teshani Nanayakkara is a sports journalism student at UEL, currently reporting on tennis, badminton and aquatics. She is interested in various sports such as football, tennis, basketball, aquatics and gymnastics.

Teshani has engaged in work experience at Fitness First to see the business aspect of a gym franchise. Teshani is also taking a German language course which will enable her to cover foreign games in the future.

Federer’s Still A Force To Be Reckoned With

19-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer will face Germany’s Alexander Zverev in a hotly anticipated clash at the ATP Finals in London today. Zverev, who...

Can The Cup Kickstart UEL’s Season?

University of East London Badminton Men’s 1st will be gearing up to take on Kingston University Men’s 2nd at Sportsdock in a break from...

An ‘Unprepared’ UEL Badminton Team Lose Out At SportsDock

It wasn't the start they expected, but UEL's men's badminton only have themselves to blame for a match that saw them play out-of-sorts against...

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